Important update to my YouTube Channel

Hello to everyone. Hope you are all doing well?
This video is about an actual update my YouTube channel which is under my name Charles Mackenzie -Hill
My plan going forward is to upload our property videos directly into a CMH.Properties YouTube channel. The Link to this channel is here
This channel will run as before but with fewer property videos. The videos that I will leave will be mainly the older videos that rank well.
So we are looking forward to trying our hand at making different types of videos and sharing these with you.
What will be these different type of videos be about? Well, as an example, maybe along the lines of things to do in Marbella, for the people coming on holiday. Maybe Camera gear, restaurant review, who knows, but for sure this channel will now be a work process and evolving as we hope to grow.
If your here just for property video’s, it maybe best to pop over to the new YouTube channel. And please subscribe there.



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